Texan at heart; New Yorker by trade. One part chutzpah, one part hustle. Designer, photographer, globetrotter, fun haver and laughter lover. Thirteen years of professional creativity and leadership. I met Madonna once, so anything’s possible...


Native Houstonian with roots in Chicago and New York and a graduate from the School of The Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC). I'm a design director with thirteen years of experience creating and cultivating award winning design. I've worked on broad range of branding and design ventures at leading agencies for clients such as Bank of America, Taco Bell, Time Warner Cable, Underwriters Laboratories, Intel, KFC...just to name a few.  Everything that I create stems from my love of design, passion for building brands and desire to take risks. Currently, I'm leading the Marketing Design team at Vox Media.



 Chutzpah. Hustle. Heart. Creative Since 1984.